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Comparing the different dietetics and diets Comparative tables, resemblances and differences

The different dietetics, their history, principles and vision of the diet.

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We wish to eat well for the sake of pleasure (gastronomy),
but we also wish to eat well in order to remain healthy (dietetics). How to enjoy a healthy, natural and light diet in order to get thin or lose weight, and to choose balanced meals?

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Klee, the balanced diet logo

A balanced diet

Founding idea: For enjoying good health, a balanced diet has to be followed.

The amino acid molecule, Official dietetics logo Official dietetics : Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements... 6 foods' groups. A balanced diet: eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day, bread or cereals or potatoes or pulses every meal, dairy products every day, meat or poultry or fish or eggs; limiting the consumption of wine, fats, sugar and salt.

Dhanvantari, Ayurvedic dietetics logo Ayurvedic dietetics : Historic dietetics of India.
5 elements: Ether, Air, Water, Fire, Earth. 3 humours or Doshas balance: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The best foods, which provide energy to the body, are Sattvic: juicy foods, dry fruits, sprouted grains, green vegetables, milk and fresh butter, cereals, many aromatic herbs and spices when they are used along with the correct food items.

Yin and Yang, Chinese dietetics logo Chinese dietetics : Historic dietetics of China.
5 elements and 5 temperaments: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Yin and Yang balance. A foodstuff that has a pungent taste such as garlic or ginger, or a food that has a sweet taste such as carrot or pear is a Yang food. A food that is salty such as shrimp, crab or sauerkraut and a product that has a bitter taste such as tea, coffee or celery is a Yin food.

Hippocrates, Hippocratic dietetics logo Hippocratic dietetics : Historic dietetics of Mediaeval Europe before the advent of modern dietetics. 4 elements: Air, Fire, Earth, Water. 4 temperaments: sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic individuals. Balanced food according to one’s temperament: meats in gravy for sanguine people; grilled meats, spices for cholerics; root vegetables, pulled out from the Earth for melancholics; soup and raw vegetables for phlegmatics.

Challenge to a balanced diet

  • Vegetarians and Vegans: A balanced diet can be achieved without consuming animal proteins.
  • Raw foodists, on French website: A living food, eating only foods whose nutrients are not destroyed by heat.
Miro, Alternative dietetics

Life hygiene

Founding idea: A good diet depends on the life style one has.

  • Naturopathy: Vital energy, wishes to purify the organism of the toxins, which cause disease, through diet and hydrotherapy of the colon.
  • The Mediterranean and Cretan diets: convivial nature of the meals , a rich in fruit, vegetables and cereals diet; fats: olive oil.

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  • Kousmine method: healthy eating, enemas to clean the bowels, restoring the acid-base diet balance.
  • Shelton diet (food combining diet): Natural hygiene, separating the consumption of some food groups.
Bruegel, the diets logo, to become thin, to lose weight

To become thin, to lose weight

Founding idea: For growing thinner a diet has to be followed.

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Comparing the different dietetics for information

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