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The alternative dietetics

We have put under the term alternative dietetics all the dietetics which have been developed in modern times and are not recognized by official dietetics.

Official medicine sometimes considers them as being dangerous, because they do not follow rules of balanced diet or else they are rejected because official science considers them as being unscientific.

Alternative dietetics are generally linked to what is often referred to as "alternative medicines": medicinal practices whose medicines are known for the absence of side effects, as opposed to official medicine.

Even though Ayurvedic dietetics and Chinese dietetics are often classified under the heading of alternative medicines, we felt that it would be logical to classify them in the ranks of current official dietetics. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are allopathic medicines (contraria contrariis curantur: opposites cure opposites) and not homeopathic medicines (similia similibus curantur: like cures like). They are not alternative medicines.

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