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Writer of Compare diet: Marie Josèphe Moncorgé.
Webmaster: Jacques Bouchut.
Compare diet is published by Tambao.
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Compare diet is the result of a combination of our voluntary services (Maître Chiquart) and our professional activity TAMBAO.

We found links between Hippocratic dietetics, Ayurvedic dietetics and Chinese dietetics in the course of research about Hippocratic dietetics for Old cook, Maître Chiquart association's website. Then we followed a treasure hunt to the present Official dietetics, Alternative dietetics and diets. We decided to create Compare diet as there was no website that had all this useful information.

Comparing the dietetics for information

Theory is extremely useful, because your theory determines what you can see. Albert Einstein

Compare diet is a website for information, that is as reliable and objective as possible, on the topic of history of diet and different dietetics. Thus, we wanted to compare the different dietetics, their history, their view about world and food.

And because eating well also means cooking well, we present gastronomical recipes to illustrate the different dietetics. For pleasure, we had fun making some.


Diet, gastronomy, dietetics

If it is evident that we rely on medicine and pharmacy when were are ill, it is also true that one must pay special attention to one's mode of living and eating habits for a healthy everyday life. Men have been interested in dietetics throughout our history. It is not a simple question of eating well for pleasure (gastronomy) but also of eating well to remain healthy (dietetics). Modern concept of Health Diet is, in fact, a rediscovery of an ancient dietetic preoccupation that existed in India, China and mediaeval Europe.

Historic dietetics

Ayurvedic, Chinese and Hippocratic dietetics, whose values are being rediscovered, are related to each other and very different from present day scientific vision.

Modern dietetics

Official and Alternative dietetics are characterised by the same analytical science of foods but with significant differences in points of view. Some of them are influenced by historic dietetics.

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Compare diet is an informative website about dietetics and their history. Our objective is to disseminate knowledge: comparing dietetics, their similarities, their differences and their contradictions, in order to inform.

We strive to transmit information that is as correct as possible by using original texts or sources that are considered reliable, but this information is not complete. In spite of the care that we took while collecting information, there is the possibility that there may be errors, imprecisions or omissions or data included beyond our control. This information is transmitted by way of indication only.

Authors of Compare diet ( and Tambao disclaim responsibility concerning the way the information found on Compare diet, as well as all other websites accessible from Compare diet (particularly by external links to other sites or by advertisement) and on all websites that have links pointing to Compare diet or websites referring to Compare diet, can be used. Authors of Compare diet and Tambao disclaim responsibility for direct or indirect consequences following the use of this information.

Scientific community considers some of this information as unscientific. Some information is contradictory. And this is so simply because knowledge has evolved with time and that, during a given period, researchers often have different theories. Our objective is to transmit this information in a spirit of openness and tolerance so that everyone could form one's own opinion.

Information presented on Compare diet does not constitute a medical opinion or a dietary advice. Those who desire an opinion, an advice, and a prescription will have to consult a health professional or a dietitian according to their case.

Information presented on Compare diet does not constitute neither an encouragement to share beliefs of any particular way of thinking, nor a suggestion to cook or eat in a particular manner, by adopting a particular dietetics, method or diet. We simply wish to spread knowledge.

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